Friday, June 1, 2007

Teaching? Not at this point.

I did the math recently. With two weeks left in the school year I will be out of the classroom for half of the time. I feel some guilt about that, but mostly relief. I don't feel like any real teaching is actually happening anyway, so it doesn't seem like the kids need me.

We're in the midst of the end of the year assessments - reading, writing, word study. We're preparing two huge social studies projects - one individual and one group. Anything else that gets done is just a bonus right now.

Is there a way to avoid this? Is there a way to ensure that actual teaching and learning continues until the end? Or is it just a fact of life that the last month of school is a wash in many ways?

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organized chaos said...

I'm not sure we can avoid it... I've been out of the classroom so much I feel like one of those
CEO moms who does some of the parenting but leaves the rest up to the nanny, grandmother, etc. But then when I am here it's not productive. If you come up with any good techniques to teach at the end of the school year send them my way...