Monday, December 17, 2007


"It all started when I said I would be Katie*'s partner. But I didn't realize that Hannah wanted to be Katie's partner. It was Hannah's turn to be Katie's partner. And then, during lunch, Hannah wouldn't talk to me and she wouldn't talk to me at recess either. Even when I asked her what was wrong. And then Katie yelled at me that it was all my fault that Hannah was angry at her. But I talked to Katie, and she understands now, and we are friends again. But Hannah won't talk to us and she said she never wants to talk to us again and I don't know what to do!"

Teacher Lesson: It doesn't matter if you pick their partners, the social studies graphic organizer will still be filled with more tears then facts.

*Names changed to protect the woefully misunderstood.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Snow Biz!

Highlights of the holiday concert:
  • Professor Snows-a-lot complete with cotton ball wig
  • Really, really bad jokes about snow (What do penguins wear on their heads? Ice caps)
  • Followed by ironic laughter from chorus students
  • Littlest postal worker falling over sideways in multiple coats - quite impressive
  • Two chorus students dancing in the back while all the rest stood still
  • Small children looking outside when the performers talked about the weather forecast
  • Fourth grader telling the music teacher to "Hit it"
On the whole, a wonderful hour of entertainment.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Passing e-notes

I am my worst nightmare. I am writing and passing notes when someone is talking. A capitol offense in my classroom. I justify my very rude behavior on factors beyond my control: I already know the information, there is a weird buzzing in the room, the speaker is telling not showing. But really, I am passing notes because it is easy.