Monday, December 17, 2007


"It all started when I said I would be Katie*'s partner. But I didn't realize that Hannah wanted to be Katie's partner. It was Hannah's turn to be Katie's partner. And then, during lunch, Hannah wouldn't talk to me and she wouldn't talk to me at recess either. Even when I asked her what was wrong. And then Katie yelled at me that it was all my fault that Hannah was angry at her. But I talked to Katie, and she understands now, and we are friends again. But Hannah won't talk to us and she said she never wants to talk to us again and I don't know what to do!"

Teacher Lesson: It doesn't matter if you pick their partners, the social studies graphic organizer will still be filled with more tears then facts.

*Names changed to protect the woefully misunderstood.


organized chaos said...

I can almost hear their voices explaining this drama! I don't know how you upper grade teachers deal with it! The jumpers can be terrible about bringing those little grudges to practice... and it plays out just like that!!

JM said...

If only tears were adhesive... there would be a bundle saved on glue sticks.
Where does this stress come from? They are so weighted down.

Jeff said...

Sadly, I know colleagues for whom this story applies....

Blink said...

On the subject of snow biz (reference to your previous post)you have been memed to write a poem ala the latest post on "The Miss Rumphius Effect blog at From hers truly-

"I thought it might be fun this week to try and write a poem using a specific list of words. You can choose any form you like, but you must use the words in the list. You may use them more than once and in any order. Here they are.
snow, frozen, wind, evening, woods, lake, village, farmhouse"
Go get 'em my literary snowballs!