Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lucky Teacher II

In writing, one of the units my class did while I was home with my baby girl was the punctuation unit. In reading, they did a fantastic unit on critical literacy. I have to admit that these two units may be the best language arts instruction that has ever happened in my classroom and I missed it all!
One piece of this unit looked at cereal boxes. The students analyzed cereal boxes to consider how authors position readers. They tried to determine who the audience for each box was and what about the box suggested that. They noticed that bright, splashy colors and games often indicated an audience of kids while weight loss and healthiness often indicated an audience of women.
After much discussion about the boxes, the students worked with a partner to take one box and redesign it for a different audience.

This example is redesigning Cinnamon Toast Crunch for adults. Notice the use of French words and more muted colors.

This group created their own cereal. They had looked at one aimed for women so they created one aimed at men.

This group took Frosted Flakes and recreated it to appeal to women. They changed it to strawberry to make it healthier and added a focus on losing weight.

The name of the cereal did not change here, but they aimed it at kids rather than adults. They included a toy and games on the box.

It has been fascinating to hear my students continue to talk about how authors position them as they read. It is a skill they have internalized.

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Ann-Bailey said...

alright, I have a confession to make. After finding your blog yeterday (and having no idea it was you) I have gone back a few times. I needed to read and re-read it for inspiration. I love your thoughts, reflections, and honesty. Feeling alone way down on the other end of the school it is refreshing to hear deep, honest reflections on teaching. I hope you don't mind if I bookmark it... You were my Torey Hayden inspiration today.