Saturday, June 7, 2008

7 Days and Counting.

The sick part of me - the part of me that has a viral rash spreading to her shoulders - cannot wait for the school year to be over. I am afraid that if I spend another month in my petri dish classroom that I will have a double ear infection, pink eye, and whooping cough. I wash my hands. I don't give hugs. I drink plenty of fluids. So how did I end up using about a months worth of sick days? I am still baffled by my weakened immune system, but need to take a nap to process so much thinking.

After my nap, if I took the time to process, I would probably discover something amazing like "But the students need to wash their hands too!" But instead, I will be reading articles, writing papers, grading tests, avoiding bubbling, sulking (re: rash and v-neck dress that will not debut tonight), and writing some more. Maybe, just maybe, the viral rash is less student related and more stress related.

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