Friday, February 1, 2008

Delayed Opening with Hot Chocolate

In my haste to write the previous post, and thereby cleanse myself of some stress and guilt, I did not give proper credit for the brilliant hot chocolate idea. Organized Chaos was the genius from whom I got the idea. (Sadly, I'm not sure which exact post.)

I have to say that the process of making hot chocolate for the 17 students who are here today and all of us enjoying it as we read has done wonders for my insides.

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Susan said...

I read the previous post and must say that I laughed when you talked about the 3rd grader comes to school with me and everyone can tell when we've had "one of those mornings". I assure them that I am glad they are ALL a part of his village.

I hope the Hot Chocolate was well worth it and the reading warmed all of you up!!