Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Geeky Mom

The other night my four-year-old daughter was eating some M&M's from her Halloween take. She began sorting the M&M's by color. So, I decided to take it up a notch. I worked with her and we created a graph with her M&M's. We put all the blue ones in a line, the yellow ones in a line beside the blue ones, the red ones in a line beside the yellow ones, and so on. Then I asked her questions about them. Which color has the most? Which has the least? Which two colors have the same amount? She ate it up! (Sorry, bad pun.)

She continued talking about it as she ate them. "If I eat a blue one there will only be five blues." "If I eat a yellow one yellow will have the least." And so on. I enjoyed watching her and discussing what she was doing and thinking.

Then, the next night I let her have some goldfish at the end of the meal. This is what she did with them on her own.

Clearly, she's as geeky as I am.

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noretreat said...

Love it. I do the same thing with James all the time.