Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Changed for the Better

I am in pre-mourning. My intern will be leaving after Thanksgiving. T-24 days. T-16 school days.* I am not sure I know how to teach without an intern.

An intern forced discipline on me - I had to: talk through my thoughts; justify my choices; grade assessments on a regular schedule; and keep an organized classroom. Lazy teaching was not an option. However, my mind grew accustomed to the "What abouts?" "What ifs?" and "Tell me mores." I found myself energized about teaching and excited about lesson planning; the classroom became a club house.

The questions became conversation: "We should trys." "Wouldn't be cool if wes?" "Next time, we shoulds." We found ourselves suppressing giggles in class, rehashing (mostly re-enacting) our highs of the day, convincing our students that we could tell each other mind jokes. We became a team.

I know the dance moves for teaching alone. I can say my lines and jazz my hands. I will high step and kick ball change. But the stage will be lonely; I will miss the big musical numbers of team teaching.

*These days might be off. As I have said before, I am a slow writer. It might be T - a week now.

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Blink said...

Thanks for reminding me of this wonder-ful feeling that results from working with an ignited brain and a passionate teacher who constantly thinks new, good stuff. Seven interns in a row and seven years later I was so-ooo ready for a break. I couldn't remember why I said no, just knew it was time... until I read and remembered: continuous thinking out loud (did I tire of my own voice?), justifying my practices and choices (because I said so wasn't an option), keeping up with the pre and post and all the activity in between (I don't even do the checkbook at home), and building a relationship with someone who would dump you for a real job. The relationship part was definitely the best part! (If an intern is ready to dump you, you have done your work.) Seems like it may still be the best part. Some might say you are lucky...I say you made your luck. Congrats on a great partnership!