Monday, October 15, 2007

Are We Crazy?

It's intersession for our school. This means the students are here by choice (their's or their parents') and taking two different, fun-filled classes each. Tree and I are teaching one together (she took the first week and I've got the second). We're having fourth graders create a literary magazine. I've wanted our school to have a literary magazine for a while and when Tree suggested doing it during intersession I thought she was brilliant. She taught last week and it seems great. They talked about collections - what are they, why, etc. They looked at artwork to brainstorm the emotions evoked. High school students came in and talked about the literary magazine they've worked on and their process.

Now I'm teaching. And I can't figure out how we move from this wonderful thinking and exploring about literary magazines to actually taking the writing and artwork we have and creating one. And certainly not in the next four days! I usually feel like that's a good sign. The students will be the ones to make it happen, not me. But, this time I'm not sure. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.

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