Saturday, July 21, 2007


It's 4 pm on July 21st and our copies of Harry Potter have still not arrived. We ordered them from knowing that with two girls under the age of 4 it wasn't possible to be part of the midnight festivities. Having the books delivered to our door seemed like a great solution. And we got the last couple of books in the series this way without any problem. Now however, it's starting to seem like a mistake.
I've managed in the last two weeks to reread the first six books in order to be ready for this historic moment. But the historic moment is passing us by. My parents took both the girls for the day, which should have left us plenty of uninterrupted reading time. Instead, it's left me plenty of time to get work done for the classes I'm taking. I'm trying to be grateful for that, but I'm just bitter. It doesn't help that I keep reading other people's blog posts about getting their copies. Check them out here,here, here and don't miss the one that hurts.

Yes, I do mean books. We order two copies each time so that we don't have to fight over who gets to read it first. Then we pass one copy on to my father when one of us (usually my husband) has finished. Today it looks like we'll be passing my father a copy before one of us has even started reading. At least neither of the girls is old enough to want to read them and need a copy!


Tree said...

As we would be in NJ visiting family, Danielle and I had them delivered to our aunts. However, we were not allowed to read them and now I am too tired from a day long sangria fest. Maybe I am not the fan I think I am? (Plus, I just read the chapter where Hedwig died twice. The bird!! Did she really need to kill the bird!)

organized chaos said...

oh jen, your post made me almost cry for you. i would be crying... didn't they say if you didn't get your book by 5 you'd get it for free? I hope you had lots of reading time once it came!!

and tree, I agree about the poor bird!