Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wish List to Help Us Brainstorm Grant Ideas

Things we want (from the absolutely ridiculous to the reasonably sane):

  1. Children's Book Club (buy the books)
  2. Everything necessary for e-portfolios
  3. Science reference books
  4. Digital cameras (will take both stills and short digital video)
  5. Additional science materials (we want a science rich classroom) - 4 or 5 microscopes for each classroom, microscope that connects to the computer, thermometer to post on window, other weather instruments (that work), materials to explore with electricity, sound, light, magnets, and magnifying glasses
  6. Measurement tools: measuring cups, measuring spoons, measuring pitchers.
  7. More laptops - maybe a class set to be shared by 2-4 classes.
  8. Stopwatches - class set
  9. That rolling thing that measures distance as you walk with it - distanceometer (according to us)
  10. More primary sources (replicas of)

Then, of course, we will need space to store it all!

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